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Geert Wilders Says, "The Light Are Going Out All Over Europe" ?!

/ On : Rabu, April 27, 2011/
Assalamu'alaykum, everyone!
     I think you all have known about "FITNA", yes that's the movie which created by Geert Wilders. It's video which harassing Allah, Rosulullah, Islam and moslems over the world. This time I'm not going to post the video (FITNA), but I'll post about what did he say about Islam. Maybe, I can say he predict about what will happen if Islamic Ideologi back upright. What will you see in the video is what I've been saying to my friends, "The infidel's fear more opened their eyes to the reality (read: about revival of Islam, the rise of Islamic Khilafah) than ours!". Then, just take a look, what did he say..

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