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/ On : Sabtu, Agustus 04, 2012/
They promised shock and awe. They promised psychological warfare. They promised liberation. They delivered bloodshed. The crusading forces are now fighting their way to Baghdad, no flowers to greet them on streets but plenty of bullets. The brave Muslims of Iraq, with their simple weaponry resist the western crusaders in a way that brings hope for all Muslims around the world. It is now clear for all to see, especially the Muslims who work to restore the rule of Islam and bring life to their ideology, that Western 'Civilisation' is dead. Dead and buried. The West has failed to convince the Muslims of their ideology, Capitalism. They have failed to convince us of Secularism. The hypocrisy of democracy has become transparent. The charade of International law and the U.N. has been exposed. The entire Muslim World today calls for a change, and this change is no longer inspired by the western people or the western ideology, but in spite of it. We have seen from Amman to Rawalpindi, Mombasa to Damascus, huge demonstrations against the war. Unlike the demonstrations in the West (which have largely retained the status quo by calling for the Western ideological solutions)  these demonstrations are against the rulers of the Muslim world, calling for the 55 odd 'cartoonic' states to stop their acquiescence with the Crusaders and send their armies to intervene. Many of these demonstrations have been suppressed by the governments. Indeed these states are on their last legs. Even America has given up on them, choosing instead to directly colonise the Muslim World as Britain did before it. The new American Viceroy will be an American diplomat; at least this is what they hope. The time has come for a change. The time has come to remove the rulers plaguing the Muslim world, either directly through the masses or through the strongest elements. And it is to these strongest elements that the Muslims in the West must direct their attention to. In reality, Khilafah has been established – it now needs to be announced. The people are ready, the rulers have failed, what is left is for a general in Syria or Egypt, Pakistan or Turkey to feel sufficiently agitated that he picks up the phone. The Muslims in the West need to call louder for Khilafah, louder than they ever have - to send that final message that the Ummah is ready. Any work that detracts us from Khilafah detracts us from saving the Muslims of Iraq. We believe, by the will of Allah (swt), change is not far away. Then let the believers rejoice. [] Jalaluddin Patel

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